Red Carpet Ready: Glamorous Little Black Dresses Worn by Celebrities

Red Carpet Ready: Glamorous Little Black Dresses Worn by Celebrities

Who doesn’t love the sight of celebrities, elegantly dressed up and ready to walk the red carpet? From beautiful ballgowns to statement-making little black dresses (LBDs), there are no limits to the fashion risks that celebrities will take. We’ve rounded up the some of the stylish and glamorous little black dresses that celebrities are wearing these days, so get ready to be inspired.
Red Carpet Ready: Glamorous Little Black Dresses Worn by Celebrities

1. When Hollywood Stars Shine in Little Black Dresses

For any star-studded event, one dress stands out: the classic little black dress. It’s a fashionable staple in any Hollywood actor’s wardrobe, gracing the red carpet in all its iconic glory. There’s something truly special about a Hollywood star in a little black dress: it’s simple yet chic, glamorous yet timeless.

An LBD also carries with it a certain je ne sais quoi that adds a touch of glam to any occasion. Whether it’s a black tie event or an evening of art, an LBD can make any woman feel like a star. Celebrities favour this timeless classic for its versatility—it’s a timeless style that always turns heads.

  • Halle Berry – Her classic off-the-shoulder dress was a showstopper at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars party.
  • Kerry Washington – Wore a bright red dress to the 2019 Academy Awards.
  • Blake Lively – Picked a sultry take on the classic black dress at the 2015 Met Gala.
  • Margot Robbie – Wore a stunning classic LBD to the 2017 SAG Awards.

Little black dresses have been a red carpet favourite for decades. While some celebrities opt for more colourful or statement designs, the classic silhouette is still a winning choice. An LBD is an elegant solution that’s both simple yet sophisticated. A star in an LBD is a timeless image that’s always fashionable—whether the event is in 2020 or any time in the future.

The LBD is a staple garment in any Hollywood celebrity’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a bold statement or an effortless classic, it’s undeniable that a little black dress with a sparkling silhouette has a special magic that shines bright on the red carpet.

2. From Classic to Quirky: Celebrity Little Black Dresses

Celebrities have long been spotted in Little Black Dresses to some of the biggest red carpet events, but the looks have evolved over time. Here is a look at how different celebs have taken bold steps away from the traditional and gone for some unique and quirky takes on the LBD.

  • Emma Stone: the Golden Globe winning actress rocked an edgy look with this cut-out, ballroom inspired gown. It features a fitted black velvet bodice with intricate beading, contrasting copper fabric, and a modern take on the classic ruffling around the waist.
  • Rihanna: for the Met Gala, the iconic singer took the “black and gold” trend to the next level, with a striking asymmetrical gown. The extra long cape-like length and slanted neckline created a theatrical aesthetic.
  • Kylie Jenner: the beauty mogul put a spunky spin on her LBD for the VMAs, wearing a slim-fitting corseted dream. The modern shape featured sheer panels and daring cutouts over a bold blue slip skirt.

Other stars, like Lady Gaga and Zendaya, have also taken risks on the classic silhouette, opting for different fabrics, like metallic and velvet or adding exaggerated layers like oversized tulle skirts. For a more minimalist approach, the likes of Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively have taken a tailored approach by adding unique details like a twist to the neckline or sophisticated accessories.

These risky yet stylish takes on the Little Black Dress prove that you can’t go wrong with this timeless style – it just depends on how you choose to make it yours.

3. Taking Style Inspiration From Famous Faces

The influence of well-known figures continues to inspire us in the realm of fashion. After all, their style is often associated with their individual personalities, and that can be incredibly powerful. Whether you admire their high fashion looks or street style, there are many ways to take inspiration from these famous faces.

  • Start by Picking Out Highlights – Choose a few looks that you especially like and think you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Be it be a red carpet event or a casual outfit spotted on the street, define these looks and recreate them with items found in your closet and a few new trendy pieces.
  • Experiment With Trends – If there’s one thing celebrities can do, it’s that they often take the trends a few steps further than the everyday individual. If you’re inspired by Kim Kardashian’s metallic looks or Gigi Hadid’s crop tops and denim shorts, don’t be afraid to experiment with these trends.

When it comes down to it, everyone has their own unique sense of style and you don’t have to abide by the guidelines of any influencer or celebrity. Choosing the right colors, cuts and silhouettes for our body shape and complexion is just as important as figuring out what trends are going to be popular next season. If something looks good on a celebrity, it doesn’t always mean it’s going to look great on us.

At the end of the day, it pays to be mindful of the different style choices out there, but even more so, to be aware of the ones that look the most flattering on us. Famous people provide us with an added influx of fashion inspiration and trends that can help us to refine our own style without having to change our overall look entirely.

4. Red Carpet Glamour: Dazzling In a Little Black Dress

Look your Best!

A little black dress (LBD) is an essential in any woman’s closet. Timeless and sophisticated, the right LBD will take your look from basic to brilliant. Whether it’s a night out or a special occasion, when wearing the LBD you can’t go wrong and always look your best.

The LBD is both versatile and stylish. You can accessorise with a statement piece, layer on the chunky jewellery or keep it classic with simple, elegant pieces. Have fun and decided for yourself how you want the dress to look. Dress it up or down, the choice is yours.

Pay attention to the details. Select a style that flatters you, taking into account any curves, body outlines or lumps. A fitted but comfortable dress will help give you shape and will keep you from looking bulky or frumpy. The proper hem length will also help you look your best: the length of the dress should be just above or at the knee.

  • Consider the fabrics when shopping for a black dress. Choose a quality fabric that drapes in an attractive way on your body.
  • Pay attention to the fit. Make sure it is snug but still comfortable.
  • Go for the right accessories. Choose some statement pieces to add glamour to the ensemble.

The right LBD has the power to make you feel confident and beautiful. In the same way that Audrey Hepburn’s style proved to be timeless, so too will your LBD, ready to make a grand entrance every time. So get ready to dazzle in your favourite Little Black Dress!

As Hollywood’s elite flaunt their fashion sense on the red carpet, it’s clear that the little black dress remains an essential garment for creating a look that will make any woman feel confidently glamorous. Whether taking cues from these trendsetters or tapping into your own inner fashionista, there’s never been a better time to embrace the sophisticated striking power of the little black dress.


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